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Nov 10th, 2022
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Gift Guide for Dog Owners


A round-up of our favorite best gift ideas for dog owners.

We all have that one friend who spoils the heck out of their dog, which we LOVE and SUPPORT. They have every accessory, treat, costume, and decor you can think of and now you may be wondering… is there anything left for you to gift? No worries! Our gift guide for dog owners is packed with creative and unique gift ideas for the dog lover in your life. Can you guess what is the best part about our suggestions? You can find all of these affordable dog lover gifts on Amazon!

Unique Gifts for Dog Owners

Dog Boned Shaped License Plate Frame

dog bone shaped plate license frame gift guide for dog owners

They might have a car seat cover for their furry friend, but do they have a dog license plate frame? Probably not. This is a great gift idea for dog lovers who enjoy sharing their feelings in style. 

Star Pups Coffee Dog Toy

star pups coffee dog toy in a dog mouth gift guide for dog owners

If coffee flows through your friend’s veins, this is THE perfect gift for them. Your friend will never have to sip their Starbucks coffee alone ever again. Your friend can enjoy their pumpkin spice latte while their dog can enjoy their PUPkin spice toy. Cheers! 

Wipe Your Paws Doormat

wipe your paws door mat gift ideas for dog owners

Maybe your friend is more on the practical side, we found a gift that is cute and functional. Amazon’s Wipe Your Paws Doormat encourages visitors to keep the dirt outside. We’re sure your friend will appreciate this!
Dog Nail Polish

pet nail polish gifts for dog owners

If your friend loves to get their nails done then this is another great gift option for them. A self-care day where the humans get a mani-pedi and their dog gets a pawdicure? Their self-care day can’t get any more perfect than this.

Corgi Butt Socks

two pairs of corgi butt socks gifts for dog lovers

If your friend is a corgi lover, then they would LOVE these Corgi Butt Socks! Did we mention the corgi butt design is 3D? Talk about quite a conversation starter!

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

mermaid dog life jacket and product details gift guide for dog lovers

Although the current temperature doesn’t quite allow us to enjoy a nice cold swim outside with our furry friend, we can always prepare for the upcoming summer season! Another practical, cute, and safe gift would be the Mermaid Dog Life Jacket! Isn’t the mermaid tail cute?

We hope you enjoyed this gift guide for dog owners. What would you add to this list? 

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