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Mar 2nd, 2023
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women-owned businesses

7 of the Best Women-Owned Businesses Available on Amazon


Women’s History Month is here and what better way to celebrate than to talk about women-owned businesses?! You may be surprised to learn that Amazon has a lot of brands that are owned by women. Today we are going to highlight 7 of our favorites. The brands range from self-care, home decor, accessories, and more.

Birdy Boutique

Birdy Boutique was created in 2014 by two sisters: Joanna Serra and Barbara Kent. The duo were inspired to create their business after being involved in the military. They created Birdy Boutique to provide educational toys, tapestry blankets, and weighted blankets for children and adults alike. Part of the proceeds from each purchase goes towards helping veterans with recovery.

Our favorite items from this brand, include their bright and colorful tapestries with motivational themes. The blankets are super light weight for easy hanging.

Mother’s Shea

Mother’s Shea is a family-run business from the makers of Eu’Genia Shea that specializes in making high-quality shea butter-based skincare products. Intense demand for Eu’Genia led to a push towards affordable luxury and the launch of Mother’s Shea. The company’s main mission is to empower women by providing them with educational resources to thrive on their own. Each purchase donates 15% of the profits to female workers in Ghana. With a max of five all clean moisture-packed ingredients, everything included in their products is made to delight.

It’s tough to narrow down our favorite products to just three! Below are items we’re loving right now.


HereAfter specializes in handmade crafts created using wood cutouts. The original idea began when Yvonne, the founder, wanted to keep a greeting card she received from a loved one. She thought there must be a way to preserve cards and make them something even more special to display. That’s when she got the idea to create cards using wood. After receiving positive feedback from her town, she decided to branch out into even more product offerings, including journals, keepsake boxes, and pins.

A few of our favorite items from Yvonne’s collection, can be found below.


Kasensen is the perfect shop for those who enjoy sticker collecting! They have a variety of stickers that range from different colors, objects, themes, and materials. All stickers are available in packs of at least 50 stickers and go up to as many as 200 stickers. Whether you’re looking for cute designs to decorate your laptop, water bottle, skateboard, or sticker book, Kasensen has the perfect sticker pack for you.

For Spring, we’re loving these stickers:

One Fire Store

One Fire Store specializes in portable night lights and star projectors. This women-owned business has a mission of making your home and workout space more enjoyable and inviting. Their portable night lights have 12 soothing sounds, 7 color changes, and 5 brightness levels. Their Galaxy Light Projector is often used in Yoga Studios to help set the mood for a zen session. What would you use a light projector for?


Ozaoz is an Amazon shop that features accessories and books focused on cute characters. Their most popular offering is their Kawaii Pencil Case that comes with pins. It’s the perfect size to keep your journaling supplies! They also carry backpacks, ornaments, wall decor, and jewelry.

Angela Nguyen

Angela Nguyen is an independent illustrator residing in the Bay Area. She is best known for her cute illustrations that are inspired by pop culture. She lives for the art world and believes that anyone can become an artist if they want to. This inspired her to release a series of instructional books focused on drawing, illustrating, and painting. Additionally, for those who do not wish to learn how to draw, and instead simply want to color in the characters that Nguyen has developed, they can do so with her line of kawaii coloring books.

By supporting women-owned businesses, we can help empower female entrepreneurs to continue creating and innovating. We hope you opt to support women in business, not just in March, but all year long.

Do you know other brands that should be included on this list? Please share them below!

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Feb 8th, 2023
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diy valentine cards

DIY Valentine Cards


Simple DIY Valentine Cards

This Valentine’s Day give your loved one something that comes from your heart, and your hands, with this simple DIY Valentine Cards craft.

This Valentine Card is not your ordinary gift. The presentation comes in a blush pink box and when your sweetheart opens it, several cards and mementos will pop up – a true explosion Valentine’s experience! You can purchase this explosion box, here.

Ready to craft?! Let’s get started.

First, gather your favorite photos and sentimental items. Think about including movie or concert tickets, a pressed flower from a special date night, or a brochure from a recent trip.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, next organize pieces from this DIY Valentine Card kit and choose which paper cutouts you’d like to use.

DIY Valentine Craft

Now it’s time to decorate! Start gluing your pictures and mementos to various parts of the unfolded box. We recommend utilizing a few of the envelopes as well so your sweetheart can have multiple items to open.

DIY explosion box gift ideas gifts for her valentine's day gifts gift ideas for girlfriend

Once you’re satisfied with your presentation, let the glue dry. After the glue dries, it’s time to fold up your box! Start from the center and fold inward within each layer. Once you get to the last layer, use one hand to fold all sides of the box and the other hand to place the lid on top. The lid is what keeps your box together, so make sure it’s fitted properly.

diy valentine cards
DIY Valentine Explosion Box

Add a bow and you’re done! We know your Valentine will feel special by this handcrafted gift. We’d love to see their reaction; tag us on Instagram so we can join the fun.

Further Reading

If you’re looking for additional gift idea, we encourage you to read our recent Valentine Gift Guide. There’s gifts for your friends, family, sweetheart, and more. So if you’re Googling “gift ideas for girlfriend”, look no further. Read here.

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Dec 3rd, 2022
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Cat Mom Mug

Gifts for Cat Lovers


A Guide of Unique Gifts for Feline Friends

Whether you have a pet of your own, most of us have at least one friend who is obsessed with their cat (or multiple cats). This guide has been curated with some truly purrr-fect gifts for cat lovers.

Let’s get to it!

Woven Basket Featuring a Cat Face

Gifts for Cat Lovers
Woven Basket

Who says storage containers have to be boring? With this woven basket crafted with cotton and feline features, your friend’s living room just got a whole lot cuter. With it’s large size, blankets can be stored conveniently.

Novelty Pet Bed

Banana Shaped Pet Bed
Banana Shaped Pet Bed

Next, we are excited to share this banana shaped pet bed from Ganin. With its large size, your friend’s feline will have plenty of room to cozy up for the winter. With a cute design like this, we want to take our nap ourselves!

Cute Cat Succulent Planter

Gifts for Cat Lovers
Planters with Cat Designs

With this succulent planter, featuring cats of various breeds, you can provide a gift for both your friend and their cat. Add catnip seeds to one of the planters, and you will have a fur-ever friend.

Coffee Mug for Cat Ladies

Gifts for Cat Lovers
Cat Mom Mug

With it’s blush pink coloring, cheeky inscription in gold lettering, and generous size, this coffee mug will warm your friend’s heart. Perhaps opt for a second mug for yourself?

Are there other gifts for cat lovers that you’d add to this list?

Further Reading

Cats are cute and cuddly, but we can’t forget about our canine lovers as well this season.

If you’re looking for a gift guide for dog owners, read our blog here!🐶🐾 There’s a pup-icino squeaky toy that we’re particularly excited about. Gone are the days where we must sip our praline lattes by ourselves. Which gift do you like best?

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Nov 17th, 2022
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best friend gift ideas with pink presents

Best Friend Gift Ideas


Meaningful Friendship Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

No matter what your friend’s love language is, gift-giving can be a thoughtful way to show them how much you appreciate them. Especially during the holiday season! If your friend is an ‘IT’ girl, a material girl, and/or a girly girl, then this list of girly things will provide you with several best friend gift ideas.

Cat Paw House Slippers

Cat paw house slippers gift idea for cat lover friend
Cat Slippers

Starting off strong, we have a gift idea that is both adorable and practical! These Cat Paw House Slippers will warm your friend’s feet (and their heart),  even if they are not cat lovers. And if your friend is a cat owner, we are sure they will love you even more for gifting them a gift that celebrates their love for cats.

Ice-Globe Facial Massager

Ice globe face massager gift for your best friends who love skin care products
Facial Massager

If your friend is obsessed with skincare then this is THE gift! Give them this Ice-Globe Facial Massager and your friend (and their skin) will love you to the moon and back. One can never have too many skincare products! Tip – Include a face mask that they can enjoy before or after using the massager, for an extra dose of self-care.

Furry Ear Muffs

Furry ear muffs for women, best friend gift ideas
Plush Ear Muffs

This pair of Furry Ear Muffs is a stylish gift for your fashionable friend. An accessory that is both fashionable and practical? Totally a “kill two birds with one stone” moment. We are sure your friend will rock this accessory during the Fall and Winter months.

Colorful Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle girly things, gift idea for your best friend
Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Ideas

Are you looking for fun girly things to do together? If so, this Colorful Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle is a simple bonding activity for you and your friends to work on while chatting the night away!

Pink Boba Plushie

Pink boba plushie gift for your best friends female
Cute Plushie Gift

If your friend has a soft spot for collecting plushies, giving them this adorable Pink Boba Plushie will be a great way to show them your support for their collecting habit. Even if your friend isn’t a plushie collector, gifting them this plushie will help add something cozy and friendly to their home.

Strawberry Shaped Water Bottle

Strawberry shaped water bottle girly things to buy on amazon
Girly Water Bottle

Our final cute, yet functional, girly thing to gift would be this Strawberry Shaped Water Bottle. You can use it for iced-coffees, matcha lattes, teas, and many other cold beverages! This is the perfect water bottle for encouraging your friend to stay hydrated (and perhaps caffeinated) in a cute way.

Hope you found this list of best friend gift ideas useful. Happy shopping!🛒🛍

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If you’re looking for a gift guide for dog owners, read our blog here!🐶🐾

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Nov 17th, 2022
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Gift Ideas for Artists

Gifts for Artists


A round-up of our favorite Gifts for Artists

Do you have creative friends in your life? With our Gifts for Artists list, we hope to make the shopping experience stress-free. Whether your friends are artists by profession, or simply enjoy crafting and creating as a hobby, we’re sure you’ll find a truly unique gift.

Unique Gifts for Crafters

DIY Slime Charms – 100 Pc Set

Gifts for Artists
Slime Charms

Firstly, this DIY Slime Charms set helps encourage imagination and creativity for individuals of all ages. Comes in an apple shaped container, with several compartments to organize charms by likeness. Sizing differs per charm, based on object design. Charm categories include: fruits, vegetables, sweets, animals, and others. These charms are great for scrapbooking, adding embellishments to various personal items, wine stoppers, and more.

Embroidery Thread Kit – 262 Crafting Pieces

Gifts for Artists
Embroidery Kit

Next, your crafty friend will be blown away by the supplies included in this kit! With a 262 pieces, this crafting kit can be used for several different projects, including: cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel and embroidery, friendship bracelets, hand and machine applique, quilting sets, gifts, and more.

DIY Wood Bookmark Kit

DIY Bookmark Set
Bookmark Set

Additionally, for the friend that enjoys crafting as much as they love reading, they’ll really enjoy this DIY Wood Bookmark Kit! This kit comes with 36 colorful tassels and unfinished wooden blank bookmarks as well as plastic geometric tracing tools.

Painting Kit

Painting Kit

Lastly, the possibilities are endless with this gift! Allow your friend hours of fun with this painting kit. This kit includes 12 acrylic paint tubes of various colors, 1 painting pad, 1 plastic artist palette, 1 multi-functional easel, 8 artist paint brushes, and 5 canvas panels (8x10in). Watch your friend’s imagination run wild!

Let’s Get Crafty! – Browse additional creative gift ideas.

Avocado Notebook
Small Spiral Notebook with Green Avocado
Pink Pencil Pouch
Large Pink Pencil Pouch
DIY Journaling Set
DIY Journaling Set
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Nov 10th, 2022
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Banner five dogs celebrating christmas holidays wearing a red santa clause hat, reindeer antlers and red present ribbon. Isolated on gray background

Gift Guide for Dog Owners


A round-up of our favorite best gift ideas for dog owners.

We all have that one friend who spoils the heck out of their dog, which we LOVE and SUPPORT. They have every accessory, treat, costume, and decor you can think of and now you may be wondering… is there anything left for you to gift? No worries! Our gift guide for dog owners is packed with creative and unique gift ideas for the dog lover in your life. Can you guess what is the best part about our suggestions? You can find all of these affordable dog lover gifts on Amazon!

Unique Gifts for Dog Owners

Dog Boned Shaped License Plate Frame

dog bone shaped plate license frame gift guide for dog owners

They might have a car seat cover for their furry friend, but do they have a dog license plate frame? Probably not. This is a great gift idea for dog lovers who enjoy sharing their feelings in style. 

Star Pups Coffee Dog Toy

star pups coffee dog toy in a dog mouth gift guide for dog owners

If coffee flows through your friend’s veins, this is THE perfect gift for them. Your friend will never have to sip their Starbucks coffee alone ever again. Your friend can enjoy their pumpkin spice latte while their dog can enjoy their PUPkin spice toy. Cheers! 

Wipe Your Paws Doormat

wipe your paws door mat gift ideas for dog owners

Maybe your friend is more on the practical side, we found a gift that is cute and functional. Amazon’s Wipe Your Paws Doormat encourages visitors to keep the dirt outside. We’re sure your friend will appreciate this!
Dog Nail Polish

pet nail polish gifts for dog owners

If your friend loves to get their nails done then this is another great gift option for them. A self-care day where the humans get a mani-pedi and their dog gets a pawdicure? Their self-care day can’t get any more perfect than this.

Corgi Butt Socks

two pairs of corgi butt socks gifts for dog lovers

If your friend is a corgi lover, then they would LOVE these Corgi Butt Socks! Did we mention the corgi butt design is 3D? Talk about quite a conversation starter!

Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

mermaid dog life jacket and product details gift guide for dog lovers

Although the current temperature doesn’t quite allow us to enjoy a nice cold swim outside with our furry friend, we can always prepare for the upcoming summer season! Another practical, cute, and safe gift would be the Mermaid Dog Life Jacket! Isn’t the mermaid tail cute?

We hope you enjoyed this gift guide for dog owners. What would you add to this list? 

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