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Nov 16th, 2022
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DIY Slime Charms – 100 Pc Set


Product details

This DIY Slime Charms set helps encourage imagination and creativity for individuals of all ages. Comes in an apple shaped container, with several compartments to organize charms by likeness. Sizing differs per charm, based on object design. The following categories include:

  • Fruits: banana bunch charm, apple charm, pineapple charm, strawberry charm, lemon wedge charm, kiwi wedge charm, and more.
  • Vegetables: carrot charm, avocado charm, and more.
  • Sweets: candy bag charm, ice cream cone charm, ice cream scoop charm, candy wrapper charm, lollipop charm, cake slice charm, gummy bear charm, macaron charm, chocolate donut charm, and more.
  • Animals: dino charm, ladybug charm, bunny charm, teddy bear face charm, elephant charm, butterfly charm, and more.
  • MISC: large rainbow charm, small rainbow charm, heart charm with love written on it, drink bottle charm, pillow charm, glitter heart charm, bowtie charm, shooting star charm, sunflower charm, and more.

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