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Dec 15th, 2022
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cozy essentials for winter

Cozy Essentials for Winter


Find warmth at home with cozy essentials for Winter

This list of cozy essentials for winter, will get you started on a path towards a true Hygge lifestyle. Enjoy!

Pink Weighted Blanket

Pink Weighted Blanket
Pink Weighted Blanket

Find warmth while easing anxiety with a weighted blanket, like this blush pink one. Weighing 20lbs., this blanket helps you fall asleep faster. Enjoy a sound and comfortable night’s sleep.

Squishy Cat Night Lamp

cozy essentials for winter
Cozy Cat Night Lamp

Set the mood of your day or evening, with ethereal and dreamy lighting. We’re obsessed with the cat design of this night lamp.

Colorful Cookie Jigsaw Puzzle

cozy essentials for winter
Jigsaw Puzzle

An activity we really enjoy during winter is completing a jigsaw puzzle. Slowing things down helps to clear and challenge the mind. With a variety of different puzzle types, you’re sure to find one that fits your mood and style.

Woven Throw Pillow

woven throw pillow
Woven Throw Pillow

To soften the ambiance of your living space, try a modest sized throw pillow (or two, or three, or…). The more pillows the better!

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