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Jan 20th, 2023
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Woman holding giant plushies.

How to Start a Plushie Collection in 2023


Let’s Start Collecting Cute Plushies Today

Collecting stuffed animals like plushies has been a serious trend for adults. One of the biggest reasons for the stuffed animal and plush toy industry’s success is that those cute plushies are able to touch people’s hearts by bringing them back to childhood.

When trying to start your plushie collection, it can feel overwhelming at first as there are so many plush toys out there. But don’t fret, this how-to guide will walk you through 3 important questions to ask yourself before you make your first purchase.

Three Styles: General, Classic, and Exclusive

Let’s begin by thinking about the kind of collection you want to create. Plushies can be separated into three categories: general, classic, and exclusive. For the general category, these stuffed toys are based on whatever animal, element, or creature the artist feels inspired by. General plushies are more accessible to purchase. An example is this Pink Boba Plushie.

For classics, these stuffed animals are usually associated with a pop culture element. An example is this Grogu Plush Toy, which came from the movie Star Wars.

Finally, we have exclusive plush toys that are only available for a limited time. You will find exclusive plushies associated with cultural anniversaries, business pop-ups, or seasonal campaigns. For example, Disney is currently celebrating their 100th anniversary. As part of this campaign, fans can purchase a number of cute plushies throughout 2023 only.

Three Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Next, we should think about the sizes of the stuffed toys that we wish to have. Plush toys come in a wide range of sizes. Are you hoping to hug giant plushies or are you looking for small decorative plushies? A giant plushy could look something like this Giant Cat Plush Pillow, and a small decorative plushie could look something like this Animal Wrist Rest.

Display Ideas: Full Display, Minimal Display, or Hidden

Finally, it is important to be strategic with how you’re going to display and/or store your plush toys without overcrowding your space. How much room can you dedicate to plushies? Are you placing them on your bed? On a display case? On your desk? Ideally, plushies should elevate the feel of your room. We don’t want a room that looks messy! For true collectors, putting their plushies on full display is a must. We like the idea of dedicating an entire bookshelf to your collection so that friends and guests can enjoy them whenever they visit. For a minimal display, try setting a few plushies throughout your home, depending on your space. Lastly, hidden simply means that you prefer to keep your plushie collection to yourself. Perhaps store them in your room, under the bed, or closet and only pull them out when you feel called to.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end.🫶🏼 What are some other considerations that you can think of? Feel free to share your plushie collection with us on Instagram and TikTok (@unitedstatesofkawaii)!🧸💖

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