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Apr 27th, 2022
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Non-Stick Silicone Cooking Utensils Set


Product details

These rustic modern farmhouse kitchen deco style cooking utensils are made of natural wood; each handle has its own unique pattern. Clean lines, rustic finishes and earthy textures give it timeless appeal. They will make a great gift for anyone.
All silicone parts are heat resistant up to 240 degree Celsius or 464 degree Fahrenheit. Cooking with the non-stick silicone utensils set will protect your cookware from any scratch. Also, it is highly durable, even without any protected or special treatment, Acacia wood can last up to 40 years.
Kitchen utensils set includes 1 Spoon, 1 Spoonula, 1 Spatula, 1 Turner, and 1 Slotted Spoon. Colors include gray, black, blue and red.


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