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Sep 8th, 2022
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Welcome to the Kawaii Klub


The most exciting part of kawaii culture is that anyone and everyone can enjoy kawaii things. There’s something for everyone, truly! That’s why we’re excited to welcome the Kawaii Klub, a group of friends with a variety of interests who have found common ground in the name of kawaii. 

Are you ready to meet them? Let’s hop to it!


Ki is a kind-hearted koala who spends a lot of her time making sure her friends are happy and cared for. She explores her creative side through coloring and painting. You’ll find many of her creations hanging around her home! When Ki isn’t creating, she is either practicing ballet or curating her sticker collection.

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Ko is Ki’s brother, and he takes great pride in being the older sibling. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you! While quiet and reserved at first, he is sure to open up once he gets to know you. Whether he’s cycling through the park, enjoying a trip to the movie theater, or dining with friends, Ko always has a camera in his paw to capture every adventure.

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Dax, an easy-going dog who is confident, friendly, and honest. Dax plays basketball every week and refuels afterward with a trip to the local cafe. Rotisserie chicken with a side of potato chips is his favorite food order. 

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Cleo is a fancy feline who sees fashion as an art form, often sketching her own designs. Her favorite way to pamper herself after a long and stressful day is with a mani or pedi. She’ll add the exfoliation and hot stone massage when she’s feeling particularly tense. Many of her friends come to her for tarot and oracle readings. These readings often serve as fun conversation starters during casual cafe shop meet-ups. Her go-to lunch order is sushi and lavender milk tea with boba. 

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Alice, the amazing Alpaca who writes songs and plays guitar, is inquisitive and shy. She loves experimenting with feng shui, and has been known to change the layout and design of her apartment at least once a season. If you give her a honey pop, you’re sure to be fast friends. Honey pops are a prized treat!

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Danny, the determined dinosaur, keeps the others on track. He’s the studious one of the bunch and often has his nose in a book. His garden of succulents and herbs is a cherished feature of his dorm room and has grown immensely over the years. 

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