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Jan 27th, 2023
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A woman holding a card and staring at a screen to do online shopping. Kawaii things to buy on amazon.

7 Kawaii Things to Buy in 2023


Kawaii Stuff That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Welcome back to another blog where we talk about all things kawaii! If you’re looking for ways to improve your life, especially through retail therapy, then you’re going to love these 7 things from our kawaii shop.

Kawaii Cat Paw Box Cutters

kawaii box cutter utility knife cute things to buy on amazon

For those who love to shop online, you probably know all too well the amount of boxes that pile up. To open these boxes, make the task more enjoyable with these Cat Paw Box Cutters! The cat paw design is super adorable and this package comes with three cutters: white, pink, and black. The blades are sharp so they can cut through various types of packaging materials, including plastic, cardboard, paperboard, and more.

Kawaii Milk Bottle Correction Tapes

correction tape white out things to buy on amazon kawaii

Aren’t these Milk Bottle style Correction Tapes kawaii? These correction tapes come in four adorable colors: brown, pink, yellow, and blue. Additionally, they have a smooth application and they fit nicely in your hands. The dainty size also fits perfectly in smaller pencil cases so you can take it while on the go. We now all of a sudden feel more motivated to study and work (and make mistakes)!

Cute Bear Paw Seat Cushion

cat paw seat cushion floor chair kawaii things

For those who are looking for ways to add kawaii elements to your bedroom or needing to upgrade the comfort of your chairs, get these Cute Bear Paw Seat Cushions! These seat pillows have an adorable cat paw shape, they are soft on your skin, and can be used as a floor chair or as a pillow. Talk about multipurpose!

Kawaii AstroAI Mini Fridge

mini fridge amazon must haves

If you want to improve your life, then you definitely can’t miss this AstroAI Mini Fridge. It’s the perfect mini fridge to store your skincare products. Applying chilled skincare products like sheet masks will feel extra soothing on your skin and the cooler temperature can also help with de-puffing.

Kawaii Sports Plastic Portable Water Bottle

kawaii cute water bottle kawaii stuff

These customizable water bottles take kawaii to a whole new level. It comes with many cute stickers and charms so that your bottle will always be one of a kind. Let’s stay hydrated in kawaii style!

Gel Nail Polish Kit

gel nails gen nail kit UV light

Another way to show extra love and care to yourself is with an at-home manicure. This Gel Nail Polish Kit is simple to use so you no longer need a salon! It comes with many gel nail colors, nail tools, and even a UV light. Spending your night painting your nails, watching your favorite show, and sipping your favorite beverage sounds like the perfect self-care ritual to us, don’t you think?

Kawaii Furry Ear Muffs

white earmuffs kawaii things

Another area where you can add kawaii elements to your life is through fashion accessories. This White Furry Ear Muff adds a cozy aesthetic to your outfit while also keeping your ears warm through the winter months. For 2023, this pair of earmuffs is definitely a must have accessory.

Thank you for reading this far! Stay tuned for our upcoming Valentine-related blogs!💗

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